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Have you heard about Advanced Air Mobility?

Aerotaxis and vertiports will soon be a reality. Discover the latest developments

Although until recently “Advanced Air Mobility” seemed like the stuff of science fiction, today it is a true concept that will soon be a reality in a few years.

In its April issue, Passenger Terminal World magazine published an article on the research and advances made by IDOM in the field of vertiports, the new infrastructure associated with vertical take-off and landing vehicles and true catalysts of a system set to become yet another layer in mobility systems.

Meanwhile, the Spanish business affairs newspaper, elEconomista, in the latest issue of its magazine Movilidad y Transporte, also devoted a space to the subject (“Vertiports, the first step towards the air cab utopia in 2025”) where our colleagues Ana Díaz (Director of Architecture) and Héctor Martín (Director of Aviation) answered some questions, in their capacity as experts.

April 26, 2023


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