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IDOM & Intelligent Mobility Systems

Smart Mobility World Congress 2017

From November 14 to 16, the Smart Mobility World Congress (SMWC) was held in the City of Barcelona. This is an international fair where the leading companies in transport system technologies participate. IDOM was also present at the event, as every year since 2007 alongside Railgrup.

Government agencies, public companies and other institutions from many cities and countries across the world have also been present, sharing their knowledge, projects and ideas on the cities of the future (Smart Cities) and the challenge of mobility, linked inescapably, to other concepts such as sustainability, data intelligence and the circular economy.

This year, the success of the SMWC was reflected in the figures: 18,754 participants and 675 companies representing 120 counties.

Video: Urban Transport Systems and Smart Mobility

December 12, 2017

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Carlos Azuaga Pozo.