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Does innovation influence efficient public procurement?


Last January, the 7th International Congress of Public Procurement was held in Cuenca (Spain), to discuss the strategic and innovative approach of the new Law on Public Sector Contracts, approved in October 2017. Our colleague Sandra Sinde, Manager of the Innovative Public Procurement (IPP) & Open Innovation Division of IDOM spoke at the event, organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

During her presentation as part of the panel dedicated to “Efficient management of public procurement” (see video), Sandra explained how through innovation we can lay the foundations for more efficient public procurement and, specifically, how the IPP is the tool that will allow us to meet the challenge.

The new Contracts Law, in itself, is not driver for change. The real change factor lies in the training and the professionalization of the public administration, in programming future contracting in an intelligent and coordinated way with external agents and, ultimately, in “making public procurement work”, opening the windows of opportunity offered the new Law. Among the more than 500 professionals of the Public Administration present at the meeting, the message of “breathing fresh air into public procurement” was applauded.

February 22, 2018

Public Sector

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New publication

On the occasion of the entry into force of the new Public-Sector Contracts Law, the Wolters Kluwer publishing house, under the direction of Concepción Campos Acuña, has just published a manual on La nueva contratación pública en el ámbito local in Spanish (The new public procurement at the local level ). Sandra Sinde, is the author of Chapter 18: How to procure innovation at the local level using competitive dialogue!

More than 30 authors have contributed to this publication of recognized prestige in the field of public procurement, such as José María Gimeno Feliu, Marta Alba Pacheco, Jaime Pintos Santiago, Bernabé Palacín Saez, among others. The purpose is to present public local entities, in a practical manner, the novel aspects of the new public-sector contracts law and its application in the local context.


Photo 1: Sandra Sinde during the VII International Congress on Public Procurement, in Cuenca (Spain). Photo 2: The Innovative Public Procurement & Open Innovation team: Laura Autor, Paola Andrea Vargas, Liliana Delgado and Sandra Sinde.