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Our technical team took centre stage at Dublin’s oral hearing for the DART+ west project

In early October, our dedicated technical team from the Railway Department actively participated in a pivotal event in Dublin, Ireland – the Oral Hearing. This formal procedure is an integral component of the An Board Plenála Statutory Consultation Process for the DART+ West project. The Oral Hearing, within the broader context of the Railway Order application process, plays a crucial role in ensuring that the public has a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process for this significant undertaking. 

The Oral Hearing is designed to facilitate engagement between interested parties and the project team, as well as regulatory authorities. During this event, individuals and organizations are encouraged to voice their opinions, share their concerns, and engage in a constructive dialogue about the DART+ West project. 

We are proud of our colleagues from IDOM, their participation demonstrates our commitment to transparency and public involvement: Lynda Angus, Cristina Chalé, Miguel Angel Piñiero, Ryan Morgan, Alfonso Celada, Borja Arostegui, Guillermo DiGregorio, and Manuel De Riquer. 

November 20, 2023

Rail & Transit

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