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The Parlamentarium is inaugurated in Strasburg

On Monday July 3rd the Parlamentarium project was inaugurated in Strasburg, within the European Parliament Complex. Located in the Louise Weiss building, the project is conceived as a visitor centre/interactive museum that shows the work of the members of the European Parliament to the groups visiting Parliament. This is achieved through a 360º projection room and an interactive exhibition area that explains all the different seats of the European Institutions and their functioning. Furthermore, there’s a Role-Playing Game for students between the ages of 14 and 18. The project was carried out by IDOM within de framework contract for Engineering and Architectural Services for the Unity of Projects of the European Parliament. The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, and the Mayor of Strasburg were in charge of the inauguration. During that same week, the Vaclav Havel building was also inaugurated. It is an office block for the European Parliament and it has also been designed by IDOM. IDOM has been working for several years for European institutions, amongst which are the Parliaments of Strasburg, Brussels and Luxemburg, the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

July 21, 2017


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