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Revitalizing the shopping areas of Zaragoza

Regenerating local commerce by improving the urban setting


The local business plan for Zaragoza, a project to revitalize the neighborhood shopping areas, is one of the biggest issues to be dealt with by the Economic Area of the Town hall.

IDOM has been in charge of designing the new spaces with a schedule that will include actions that will initially affect Delicias Street and the historic center and will later be extended to other areas of the city.

To do this, what is known as “tactical urbanism” will be used. This involves developing semi-permanent solutions to improve the urban setting: widening sidewalks to create true walkways, installing benches, planters, urban furniture, generating more pleasant spaces… It is intended to regenerate local commerce by regenerating the city, creating attractive spaces to attract the public.

This will all be done by previously studying the idiosyncrasy of each neighborhood in which the action is going to be carried out to strengthen the identity of each street, capture the uniqueness of each area, while identifying the most important elements of each neighborhood.


June 21, 2022


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Delicias street - before and after