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Traffic management system (smart traffic lights) in São Paulo


IDOM has recently been contracted by the World Bank to provide Consultancy Services in relation to Smart Traffic Lights in São Paulo (Brazil), a project funded by UK Prosperity Fund. Around 6,500 of the city’s signaled crossings have been in operation since the 70s, therefore, there is great room from improvement.

IDOM is advising the City of São Paulo on the technical aspects of the smart traffic light program. This work involves examining the existing infrastructure and traffic in the city while considering the maturity of available solutions. Different technologies will be compared, and an economic analysis will be prepared. The objective is to develop a strategy to gradually make investments to increase the service level and sustainability of the system.

The main activities of the project include:

  • Status quo of the urban traffic control system of São Paulo from the level of the challenges, suppliers, protocols, software central points.
  • Analysis of technological alternatives for smart traffic light system. By assessing international benchmarks, IDOM will provide a full diagnosis of the technologies, open protocols, traffic detections, central traffic management control centers, bus priorization methods, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), CCTV system (closed circuit television), and connectivity system.
  • Based on the benchmarking, IDOM will develop a financial and economic analysis of the technological alternatives.
  • The project ends with a proof of concept (PoC) of the technological alternatives defined.

May 9, 2019

Telecommunications & security

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