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Sustainability talks – WATER, the resource that matters most

On June 8, over 40 professionals from the Water Team at IDOM attended a Water Sustainability Workshop in Madrid. This initiative was a continuation of the program launched last year and provided an opportunity to put into practice the action plans drawn up at both corporate and technical level.

During the event, Mauricio Gómez (CSO) reiterated the importance of our sustainability strategy, which aims to ensure maximum value for the environment, people, local communities and the planet. Javier Fernández (Water Director), in turn, highlighted the challenges and opportunities of implementing this strategy the Water Technical Area. Both underlined the considerable progress that has been made in this area and emphasized that we are on the right track.

Elena Calcerrada (Infrastructure Sustainability Manager) and Daniel González de Suso (Water Sustainability Lead) discussed how to integrate sustainability into the Water TA. They presented the IDOM Sustainability Guide, explaining the concepts it covers and how to apply them, with the aim of effectively implementing the Sustainability Management Plan in our professional activities.

This awareness and training day marks the beginning of a new quality phase in our water service, offering a new perspective on sustainability.


June 14, 2023

Water Cycle

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