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The impact of the pandemic on Sports Centers


On December 3, IAKS Spain (the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities) organized an online round table in which it brought together professionals from the sports sector, representatives of public management, private management, architects, industrialists and researchers to analyze the impact that the pandemic is having on sports facilities.

Javier Dávila (IDOM), vice-president of IAKS Spain, and Jesús del Barrio (CSD), president of the association, acted as moderators of the group of speakers including Mariano Bordás (Public Management in the Catalan Sports Council), Lucas E. Peñas (Cost and Process Optimization. Private management), Leonor Gallardo (IGOID. Research), Santiago González (Naos Arquitectura), Filipp R. Sadovski and Ruth Pujol (Studio Pujol Sadovski. Architecture), Francesc Garcia (Fluidra. Supplier Industrial pool) and Rafael Pérez (Daplast. Industrial supplier of seats).

Some of the issues that were debated were: the sources of information that have been used and have allowed sport agents to make decisions; the adaptations that have been made to the sports facilities, which have had the most positive impact; In the case of swimming pool installations, what have been the guidelines for use and what adaptations have had to be made by the swimming pool manufacturers; how the pandemic has affected high-performance centers or the role that stadiums and arenas may play in the context of cities in the post-Covid era.

Recording (Spanish)

December 21, 2020


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Stadiums and arenas in the context of cities

Javier Dávila highlighted the need to take advantage of the outdoor spaces of the stadiums to facilitate the accesses and exits of the sports venues in a more leisurely and progressive way, as they are the key to capacity control. Promoting these outdoor spaces will be a way to integrate the stadiums into the urban environment and make the sustainable transformation of stadiums and cities more friendly and humane.

Javier Dávila ( javier.davila@idom.com )