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The QUIJOTE Experiment could measure Big Bang gravitational waves

In the frame of the International Philosophy of Cosmology Conference held in Tenerife, Professor Rafael Rebolo, the Director of the IAC, announced that the QUIJOTE Experiment could be able to detect and measure the signal from gravitational waves sourced from the Big Bang, possibly providing strong evidence to demonstrate the inflation theory during the first instants of the Universe.

The Director of the IAC, pointed to the greater number of active frequencies available for observations, 6 in total, which were carefully selected in order to avoid the corrupting influence of cosmic dust, as the distinctive characteristic of the QUIJOTE Experiment; a characteristic that puts the experiment in a favourable position with respect to other current research projects chasing the same objective.

Given the importance of the possible outcome of the study of the early stages of the Universe, IDOM is proud to be contributing to the project with the delivery of the first telescope, in operation since November 2012, the integration and testing of the 5 polarimeters of the first instrument, the design and construction supervision of the building that protects both telescopes, and the turnkey supply of the second telescope, which is to see the first light in December 2014.

October 10, 2014

Science & Technology

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