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Urban development leading to increased well-being in Panama City

Partial Plan of Spatial Planning of San Francisco

Thanks to its geo-strategic position and the achievement of major engineering projects (expansion of the canal, construction of the metro network, creation of metropolitan corridors …), Panama City has reinforced itself as the main financial centre of the region.

However, this rapid growth and the housing boom in the Panamanian capital has led to urban development without planning, mainly to isolated developments. In this context, the sub-district of San Francisco, the main financial and commercial centre of the city, is planned as the best example of this growth while shaping the urban silhouette. The Mayor of Panama has entrusted IDOM with the mission of providing support for the design and implementation of the Partial Plan of Spatial Planning of the San Francisco sub-district.

This is an opportunity to change the urban paradigm of the city, focusing on planning from an integral perspective, uniting private development, and providing the inhabitants with increased quality of life, under the criteria of socio-economic and environmental sustainability, providing urban services and world-class facilities.

An important component of this project is the level of participation, social communication and inter-institutional coordination, as the ultimate success of the project lies in the consensus of the agents involved and residents of the sub-district, considering the multiple realities of those who live in this valuable space.

May 3, 2017

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