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Automated One-Stop-Shop System of Renewable Energy Projects


ONL is a strategic tool to capture, analyze and disseminate national logistics information, generating indicators, and a quantitative model that facilitates the efficient decision-making regarding public policies and the prioritization of public and private investment, to Improve the country’s competitiveness. The platform users 48 indicators classified in 6 groups that represent the thematic axes of the logistics sector. The solution includes a Web portal component, Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data components, and a Geographic Information (GIS) component. The ONL Web portal (https://onl.dnp.gov.co) constitutes the functional framework of the solution and has been implemented following the Digital Government strategy and interoperability and Open Data criteria. It includes: indicators, GIS viewers, analytics, Big Data, news, events, among others. The Big Data module serves as support for the strategic decision. Through this, descriptive and predictive analyzes can be performed using GPS macrodata processing and algorithms for the generation of visualizations on maps.


The Online Renewable Energy Platform (ENREL) allows the execution and management of federal online procedures and the management of access to information by registering users and using electronic signatures (FIEL).


It has a BI module for the exploitation of the information collected and is fully integrated with the One-Stop-Shop of federal procedures in Mexico: Gob.mx, complying with the interoperability, functionality and security guidelines established by the Government.

Promoting investment in renewable energy projects

The web platform aims to promote investment for the development of electricity generation projects from renewable sources in Mexico. Its objectives include:

  • Modernize the procedures by offering investors and citizens a centralized digital access, available from everywhere and from all IT equipment (including mobile devices) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Simplify the delivery of requirements and expedite federal procedures;
  • Reduce the time and costs in execution of government procedures for investors and citizens;
  • Facilitate the monitoring of the management of all procedures in digital form of power generation projects;
  • Guarantee the availability and security of information through the use of digital tools;
  • Provide the Government with information on the registration of investors and the monitoring of projects
  • Promote transparency at the Government level

IT Governance & Strategy

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Ministry of Energy of Mexico (SENER)

Process Consulting & Software Development

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