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Automation of processes using Robotic Process Automation – RPA

Central America

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are “software robots” that act as a virtual workforce to support business areas and an ideal tool to support IT.

RPA is the latest evolution of the technology of robots applied to business that allows digital transformation to be scaled up.

IDOM has been contracted to manage the construction of robots in certain areas of the organization with the aim of optimizing the work and reducing the dedication of working hours for repetitive activities where creativity is lacking.

Technology of robots applied to business that allows digital transformation to be scaled up

Within the operational model of the organization, an agile work dynamic has been proposed to determine the feasibility of robotization, identifying the nature of the processes and their economic impact.

The design of proposals for new models of optimized processes has been accompanied along with the configuration of robot processes and purpose, as well as technical tests of components and system, which has allowed the next step to be taken, the production of the solution.

IDOM has been involved in the process of transferring the implemented solution and the “know how” to those responsible for the areas, which has included the relevant analysis of robot performance combined with the current systems for optimal execution.

The configured robots have allowed the work team to be optimized and permitting them to concentrate on activities of analysis and improvement of the service.

Digital Transformation- SAP

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The latest evolution of robot technology applied to business

Building of the Solution (robot)
Diagnosis of Business Units
Functional and Optimization Study
Implementation & Simulation
Preparation of Business Cases
Prioritization of Initiatives
Robotization Opportunities

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