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Battery recycling plant


Created in 1859, lead acid batteries (LAB) are the most economical and widely used battery technology. With more than 400 million units sold each year, it is inevitable that more environmentally friendly and energy efficient recycling methods are required. With this in mind, our Client (confidential) is planning to build an industrial plant for recycling LABs. The plant will have the lowest energy consumption in Europe, using the cleanest technology.

The work that IDOM has been doing in the area or circular economy, developing innovative project is one of the reasons the Client has put their trust in us. This project will be the first of its kind in the world, operating on a commercial scale.

For the recycling of LABs, an exclusive, innovative, patented and proven “hydrometallurgical” process will be used to transform LAB waste into a superior quality battery, while reducing pollutants and gas emissions by up to 89%, consuming much less energy than current technologies in Europe. This process will save up to 30,000 MWh of energy for every 25,000 tons of LABs recycled.

Apart from being energy-efficient and non-polluting, the process to be used in the new plant will be scalable and economically optimized, resulting in the production of high-quality lead products, which can be directly used in the manufacture of new LABs. Once the plant is operational, the Client will become the first company in Spain capable to close the circular economy loop of the LAB recycling sector.

IDOM has participated in this project from its very beginning, helping the Client to optimize their investment (CAPEX), analyzing the best implementation options (location and lay-out), studying the needs of industrial facilities, and handling the environmental procedure and works of the project.

Circular Economy

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