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Dominican Republic

IDOM has undertaken a study in support of the INDOTEL project regarding the deployment of optical fibre infrastructure for Broadband Access in the Dominican Republic. The objective of this infrastructure is to provide coverage to all municipalities and all districts of the country, as well as the interconnection with Haiti.

Summary of the services
The study aims to support INDOTEL in the design of an infrastructure project of broadband access based on fibre optic for the Dominican Republic, in order to provide coverage to all municipalities and all the municipal districts of the country, as well as the interconnection with Haiti.


  • Study of feasibility for the development of the Broadband
  • Infrastructure in Dominican Republic and Haiti interconnection
  • Executive summary
  • Tender documents (on going)

Main Challenges
The needs to take the situation of the telecommunications sector in a new country and to manage the stakeholders are among the main challenges faced. At the same time, the existence of a main operator with significant market power meant an important risk to articulate any action aimed at boosting broadband through the revitalization of the sector.

Lessons Learned
The main lesson that IDOM has learned in this service is the great difficulties that telco operators raise when the model of competence is based on infrastructure, especially when it comes to operators with uneven degree of development of the network. This is very representative on operators with significant market position (SMP). On the other hand, the added difficulty to a project of this type (with great political implications for a country) performing presidential elections during its development have made necessary to multiply the efforts of communication and project management.


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INDOTEL – Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones

Drafting of tender documents
Feasibility study
Technology Consulting


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