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Cable Roof for Futur Camp Nou


FC Barcelona commissioned IDOM to develop the Advanced Basic Project of the Futur Camp Nou, which involves a comprehensive remodeling of the stadium in response to the improvements required by the Club in terms of sustainability, innovation, technology and accessibility. It includes the design of the roof for the 105,000 spectators of one of the largest stands in the world, following the Club’s guidelines: minimize the erection time in one summer, maximize the photovoltaic production capacity and install a 360º interior video scoreboard.

To this end, new alternatives of roof were studied to incorporate the client’s main requirements and be as efficient as possible, reaching the conclusion that to cover cantilevers up to 90 m, the lightweight cable roof would be the most suitable solution. Through an iterative parametric design process, the optimization of the proposed structural cable system is achieved.

One of the main challenges of the design is the incorporation of photovoltaic panels on the lightweight roof, with the additional weight increase that this entails. Therefore, the cladding system is divided into a lightweight membrane at the front and a rigid cladding at the rear, thus generating the necessary surface area for the required energy production.

On the other hand, a key aspect in the development of the project is the integration of the roof structure with the new frame configuration of the T3 grandstand, in order to achieve an optimal overall solution, both in terms of cost and construction time and architectural design.

Science & Technology : Singular Structures

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FC Barcelona

Advanced Basic Design

Armando Bilbao ( aba@idom.com )

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