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Cayo Guillermo Resort 5* GL

The holiday resort has 250, 5 star deluxe rooms in the best location in Cayo Guillermo, Pilar Beach. On a 9.95 hectare plot we designed a 21,360 m2 resort adapted to the high landscape value of the site. Architecturally, all the rooms have been conceived as palafitte houses, both on land and over the sea, designing a prefabricated system that facilitates the quick construction and implementation of the buildings, while avoiding the generation of barriers and damage to the local fauna and flora. The only building that directly sits on the land is the one intended for the Hotel’s social spaces.

Architecture : Design : Hospitality

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A 21,360 m2 complex adapted to the high landscape value of the site.


Conceptual Design

  • Cayo Guillermo Resort 1
  • Cayo Guillermo Resort 2
  • Cayo Guillermo Resort 3