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Cross-border at Tijuana airport


Tijuana International Airport is located 60 metres away from the USA – MEX border. The airport in San Diego, the border city on the US side, is congested, while Tijuana’s operates at 60% of its capacity.

The bridge links Tijuana airport and San Diego airport

So, in 2010, permission by the President of the USA was granted to build, maintain and operate a bridge for people to cross. It was called San Diego – Tijuana Airport Cross-border Facility. This bridge is to be used exclusively by travellers going through the airport. The project unfolds like a lineal element, articulated in two pieces, joined by a similar façade. One piece connects with the terminal and the other collects the arriving passengers from the bridge and closes off an existing parking area.

Airport Infrastructure : Architecture : Design : Special Airport Systems

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The bridge links Tijuana airport and San Diego airport

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico S.A.

Architecture & Engineering Design

Manuel Andrades

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