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Cultural and creative industries of Andalusia


New markets and business models for Andalusia’s cultural and creative industries.

The Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, together with other partners from the AAA (Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia) Euroregion, is part of the Magallanes ICC project, linked to the Magallanes Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries Entrepreneurship in Seville, which also aims to promote entrepreneurial activity in the cultural and creative industries, contributing to the stimulation of a knowledge-based economy.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the sector through entrepreneurship, IDOM is responsible for developing a market study capable of identifying specific business opportunities linked to the transformation of creative markets and new cultural consumption habits with a strong link between culture and technology. To this end, we are first characterizing the capabilities of the Andalusian offer and its relationship with the national and international competitive environment, to continue with the detection and identification of new value propositions, business models and marketing and distribution channels in sectors such as performing arts, music, visual arts, audiovisual, books, cultural heritage and video games / interactive content.

In carrying out the study, IDOM proposes an approach that is strongly oriented towards the training of entrepreneurs, as well as the exploration of the links between art, creation and technology, especially in relation to the emergence of new business models linked to the metaverse, artificial intelligence, digital twins, data analysis, etc.

Click here to see the conclusions of the market study (Spanish) carried out by IDOM.

Competitiveness & Innovation : Creative, cultural & audiovisual industries

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