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Cultural and Economic Hub of Southeast Asian


Ho Chi Minh City, the economic and financial center of Vietnam, is becoming a global city since the Vietnamese Government opened up its economy. In a context of great urban growth and large investments, the future metro network will change mobility patterns while giving the opportunity to create new pedestrian spaces. National authorities have entrusted IDOM with the development of the Master Plan for the Renovation of the Historic Center and the Financial District of the city.

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An attractive urban scenery for its vibrant urbanity

The objective of the study is to to create an attractive urban scenery which is particularly appropriate to the vibrant urbanity of the former Saigon. This area of 120 hectares has great architectural heritage value and is steeped in tourism and financial activities. In order to further promote these two activities, priority actions were defined to increase the competitiveness of the city and highlight its importance as a cultural and economic hub of Southeast Asia. In this regard, the proposal includes the development of three pilot projects to strengthen the functionality and attractiveness of the city center. It is committed to improving the quality of public space, considering eco-mobility, public safety and accessibility for all, climate and local culture. In addition, the three pilot areas have been detailed to enable implementation as soon as possible. Financing and management models have been identified so that the plan can implemented in phases and timelines.

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