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Due Diligence in Phase I and Phase II for the proposed project CFR-BASAN of the National Army of Colombia, Bogotá D.C.


Prior to the drafting of the Construction Project of the Functional Rehabilitation Center – Battalion of Health – CFR – BASAN of the Colombian National Army, it was necessary to carry out an environmental Due Diligence of the site.

IDOM has carried out said environmental Due Diligence according to the Technical Standard ASMT E1527-05 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I and E1903-11 Phase II.

The objective has been to determine, through the analysis of historical information, a study of the physical environment, and investigation of the quality of the soil and associated groundwater, whether there was presence of environmental impact due to the nature of the infrastructure project that was developed on the site that could influence the future operation of the Rehabilitation Centre foreseen in the Constructive Project.

Contaminated Soils :

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Ministry of National Defense of Colombia

Technical Consultancy

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