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Dynamic electrical calculations of the transmission of energy from a wind farm in Santiago, Mexico


IDOM has evaluated the stability and behavior of the connection-disconnection of the wind farm in Santiago, in the state of Guanajato (Mexico), which has 50 wind generators, a total power of 105 MW. The park will be connected through a 220 kV transmission network to the Mexican interconnected system.

The services provided by IDOM include an analysis of the impact of the different modes of operation of the farm, the electrical system and vice versa, as well as the stability of the functioning of the farm in the different cases.

Specifically, the work carried out by IDOM has focused on:

  • Review of the initial information and technical assistance
  • Energization and de-energization of the overhead lines
  • Connection operations of the transformers. Energization and de-energization
  • Fault studies of the different admissible types and their location
  • Coordination procedure for the insulation of the substation, including the design of the lightning rod
  • Procedure of coordination of the insulation of the overhead line

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