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Energy Intelligence Center


The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has worked together with 4 driving-force companies, in the Oil & Gas sector, in the design and implementation of an R&D center, the Energy Intelligence Center (EIC), empowering the sector through capacity development and technological projects between companies. This is a public-private collaboration project that involves both parties from the design phase of the center until its operation, thus ensuring its adaptation to real needs and future viability.

An international competition hub, increasing the competitiveness of the sector

The feasibility analysis and an agreement of the involvement of companies in the future are decisive for the proper functioning of the EIC. For this, IDOM makes a value proposition and catalog of services defining: an overview of the Center, the services it offers and an outline of the building.

In addition, possible management models for the center, the organizational structure are defined and an estimate of costs by type is developed.

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Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Definition of the Technological Specialization - Energy Intelligence Center
Economic Feasibility Plan
Governance Model
Identification of the R&D+i needs of the Oil & Gas sector in the Basque Country
Model of Participation of the Driving-Force Companies
Operation and Financing Model