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EPCM – VGO Hydrotreating unit revamp for mild Hydrocracker, Sines Refinery


In a context in which the environmental requirements for companies in the Oil & Gas sector are increasing, in recent years, Galp Energia S.A. (Galp) has sought to modernize and improve its refineries. For this purpose, Galp has contracted the services of IDOM to carry out the conversion of the current VGO hydrotreatment unit at the Sines refinery (Portugal). In operation since 1978, the unit will be converted to mild Hydrocracking, whose bottom products will then be used to power the FCC unit. This solution requires a lower capital investment than traditional Hydrocracking.

The objective of modifying the facilities, in addition to improved environmental benefits, is to increase the overall yield of the middle distillates, with a minimal impact on the overall yield of gasoline while minimizing the consumption of hot utilities.

This project has been carried out under an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) model. The main scope of the services developed by IDOM includes:

  • Approval of basic engineering undertaken by Axens.
  • Elaboration of detailed engineering for all disciplines (process, mechanics, electricity, civil, pipes, and instrumentation and control).
  • Procurement management and monitoring of the awarded supply process, to ensure correct compliance with the criteria and performance established during the design phase.
  • Onsite construction management, both from a technical and cost perspective.
  • Detailed planning for the execution of the interconnections with the existing plant during scheduled shutdowns.
  • Start-up management (pre-commissioning and commissioning).

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