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Guide for Strategic Cluster Plans


The guidelines for the preparation of Strategic Plans of the Basque Country Clusters are defined in order to standardize them and therefore, allow the Basque Government evaluate their contribution to and impact on the policies of industrial development.

Evaluate the contribution and impact of Clusters on industrial development policies

For the purpose of developing a guide for the preparation of the Strategic Plans of the Clusters, first of all, the problematic elements are determined in order to standardize the evaluation of the Strategic Plans of the Clusters through the analysis of previous Plans. Secondly, workshops are held with the main Cluster managers of the Basque Country. In this way, a common terminology, a uniform structure, minimum contents and good practices gathered from the experience are identified. The contents of the guide include topics such as:

  • Strategic analysis, including a diagnosis of the situation of the value chain, a benchmarking exercise, an evaluation of the previous strategic plan.
    The strategic formulation that includes the definition of the mission, vision, strategic challenges, specialization areas and the transversal lines.
    The strategic deployment that includes a plan of actions, strategic projects, schedule, budget and scorecard.

Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship

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SPRI - Society for Competitive Transformation

Analysis of Strategic Plans of Clusters in the Basque Country
Contents for a Strategic Cluster Plan
Identification of Good Practices for the Development of the Strategic Plan
Standardization of Terminology
Tools for the Realization of Strategic Plans - Recommendations
Workshops for Cluster Managers

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