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Hydroelectric power stations of Selga de Ordas, Carbonero and La Breña II


IDOM has provided different engineering services for dams located in the provinces of León and Córdoba, such as:

1. Detailed engineering for the La Breña II project, located in Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba), for Dragados, Obras y Proyectos, with the following characteristics:

  • Typology: Gravity, HCR
  • Maximum height on foundations: 124 m
  • Water volume: 800 m³
  • Crowning Length: 685 m
  • Crowning Width: 10 m
  • Concrete volume: 1,500,000 m³
  • Excavation volume: 900,000 m³

The project included the realization of a three-dimensional thermal-tension model and the emergency plan against overflows and floods.

2. Previous studies, Draft and Environmental Impact Study of 3 dams on the Eresma and Moros rivers: Carbonero, Guijasalbas and El Tejo.

  • Carbonero Dam: Eresma River.
    • Typology: Factory dam, thick arch type
    • Maximum height above the foundation: 32 m
    • Capacity: 24.25 Hm³
    • Concrete volume: 26,000 m³
  • Guijasalbas Dam: Río Moros.
    • Typology: Curved plant gravity
    • Maximum height above the foundation: 22.5 m
    • Capacity: 3.14 Hm³
    • Concrete volume: 7,200 m³
  • Heightening of the El Tejo Dam: Río Moros.
    • Type: Jetty with concrete screen
    • Maximum height above the foundation: 60 m
    • Capacity: 5.21 Hm³

3. Detailed Engineering, Procurement Management, and Construction Management for the construction project of the Selga de Ordas dam (León).

Hydroelectric Power Plants

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