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Implementation of the corporate business model using SAP S4/Hana

India | Spain

AMPO is an industrial cooperative that is dedicated to the integral manufacture of valves for the Oil & Gas sector. The organization has 600 to 800 people in 2 locations: Idiazabal (Foundry, Machining and Valves) and India Valves. The Group has a turnover of €100 M/year.

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Implementing SAP S4/Hana throughout the value chain

The “Implementation of the corporate business model” project aims to implement SAP S4/Hana throughout its value chain, consisting of:

  • Engineering: integration of SolidWorks into SAP, as the origin of the product master, and development of the commercial configurator.
  • Commercial: offer and sale of casting products (with the option of machining), valves and after-sales services.
  • Production: planning and production of cast elements, machining and valve assembly.
  • Purchasing: provisioning and management of material flows (supply chain management).
  • Logistics: expedition management and chaotic warehouses (WM).
  • Quality: monitoring of product quality according to international industry standards.
  • Finance and controlling: financial management (administration) and cost control.

Project phases:

  • Functional design of business processes (BBP)
  • System construction
  • Parameterization of the solution
  • Development of custom AMPO solutions
  • Validation of the AMPO model with business: unit and integral tests of the process
  • Transversal training of the entire AMPO team
  • System boot and support

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