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Security in archaeological sites


The Government of Egypt has set out to boost the entry of international tourists to archaeological sites, improving the experience during the visit. To do this, the Ministry of Antiquities has been entrusted with an ambitious program of improvement and conservation of various sites.

Collaborating in the conservation of the archaeological remains of ancient Egypt, a world heritage site, has been a great honor

IDOM has designed the project and is delivering support services for the implementation of improvements to the sites of Gizah, West Bank (Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut, Ramesseum, Medinet Habou and Carter House) and the Temple of Luxor.

The scope of works includes improving the illumination and security in order to promote the influx of international tourists by improving the visitor experience at archaeological sites. The project also includes the integrated management of the sites, temperature control, including humidity and CO2 levels in the interior of the tombs, and the design of a virtual recreation of the history of the Gizah plateau.

Security & Integration

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Drafting of the Project
Technical Assistance - Works

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