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Jizan JCPDI new urban centre

Saudi Arabia

The industrial city of Jizan is a key element in the diversification of the Saudi Arabian economy. Built a few years ago on the shores of the Red Sea, the Industrial City was designed to provide logistical and manufacturing facilities for the mineral and food-processing industries.

After a first stage of industrial and infrastructure development, the Royal Commission needed an iconic project that would attract complementary investments to the industrial ones, and therefore workers, companies and economic development to a destination with a high quality of life. To this end, the coastal area with a large mangrove swamp lent itself as the area with the greatest opportunity to create the new destination, a “Downtown” of this city on 780 hectares, with a mix of tertiary and commercial activities, leisure, tourism and housing that would integrate the high environmental value of this area.

The feasibility study was carried out by IDOM

In the first stage, IDOM carried out the feasibility study, conducting several interviews with local actors in order to gather ideas, initiatives and contrast their own proposals with a view to drawing up a tentative programme. This tentative programme was analysed for feasibility and current and future patterns of demand in the region, and then cross-checked with national level development and investment stakeholders, including institutions, companies and funds, and evidence of interest in some initiatives.

The final programme of “Downtown” was translated into an environmentally sensitive urban design: one third of the area is made up of natural areas to be preserved: the peninsula to the south will become a residential area with large green areas and access to the extensive mangroves, as well as a new golf resort. In the central area, a truly urban area will be developed with a density of varied uses such as a mix of shops and gastronomy, a cruise terminal and housing, regional-scale commercial spaces, etc., all integrated through civic urban axes that allow for sustainable mobility and the future.

The proposal is complemented with large “anchor” uses such as an Aquatic Park, Golf and a Biosphere with recreational and educational activities.

All this united with a great promenade that links the natural elements such as the beach, the dunes and the mangroves to allow a unique experience for both the resident and the visitor to this city.

City & Territory : New Cities

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Royal commission for Jubail & Yanbu

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