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Jubail – Due Diligence in Phase I and Phase II
Soil quality and associated groundwater

Saudi Arabia

IDOM is developing the Masterplan of various planning areas in the city of Jubail, Saudi Arabia, specifically in the districts of Al-Fasil (AFD), Al-Surouge (ASD) and Al-Gharbiyya (AGD). Among other requirements, the Masterplan requires the completion of a geo-environmental study.

The scope of the work developed by IDOM in the area of the environment covers the investigation of the quality of the soil and associated groundwater, in Phase I and Phase II, in the aforementioned districts.

This Due Diligence is carried out according to:

  • The standards developed by the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu (2010) Environmental Regulations Volume II Environmental Permit Program, Appendix E,
  • The British Standard (BS) 5930, Code of Practice for Site Investigations, and
  • The Dutch 2013 Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment, The Hague.  

Sustainable Soil Management

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Royal Commission Jubail

Technical Consultancy

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