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Master Plan Barajas AENA airport


he Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is immersed in the process of capitalizing on its assets and placing them on the market under the most favorable conditions, through a unique and singular development proposal that lays the foundations for the success of the real estate operation.

Its strategic location and privileged access within the Madrid region, which is one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world, as well as the passenger and freight traffic that it generates, are the factors that attract economic activities to be carried out within its precincts and surroundings. The areas around the airport and the airport itself have available land supply and demand for the implementation of economic activities, which creates significant real estate opportunities.

In this sense, the preparation of a Master Plan for the Real Estate Development of Barajas will make it possible to maximize the potential of the AENA land for its better commercialization, through an integral proposal that includes the development vision for the coming decades with the level of detail and flexibility necessary for the subsequent implementation of the different projects.

  • Master Plan Barajas Aeropuerto AENA