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Metropolitan Transportation of Aguascalientes (BRT)


The Metropolitan Area of Aguascalientes, composed of the municipalities of Aguascalientes, San Francisco de los Romo and Jesus Maria, has a population of 1 million inhabitants. It is an important node of economic activity related to the automotive industry, manufacturing and trade, among others. In this socio-economic context, the mobility of citizens in the metropolitan area and its connection to nearby towns is especially important.

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The Government of the State of Aguascalientes has proposed the promotion of modes of transport that are compatible with economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection.

For this reason, it has awarded IDOM the contract to develop the Comprehensive Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Metropolitan Zone of the City of Aguascalientes and the detailed design of a BRT.

The work has culminated in the development of the final design of the first phase of the implementation of the Integrated Metropolitan Transportation system which will make the metropolitan area of Aguascalientes a benchmark for sustainable mobility at national level.

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Sustainable urban mobility for around one million inhabitants

Government of the State of Aguascalientes

Feasibility Studies & Executive Projects
Integral Urban Mobility Plan