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National Adaptation Plan for Climate Change in Peru


IDOM is preparing the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to climate change in Peru, a document that seeks, on the one hand, to plan the implementation of measures to reduce the risks derived from the negative impact of climate change and, on the other, to enable the country to take advantage of the opportunities that this will generate both nationally and regionally.

To this end, the NAP pursues 3 specific objectives:

  1. Integrate and formulate the different management instruments (regional climate change strategy, NDC and local climate change adaptation plans), recognizing the processes and issues of interest identified by sectors and regions.
  2. Develop a climate risk analysis at national and regional level for 5 thematic areas (water, forests, agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture and health) and for 4 key hazards (mass movements, floods, drought change and glacial retreat).
  3. Update the adaptation measures defined in each of the management instruments according to the needs of populations and ecosystems.

The activities developed by IDOM include:

  • Development of analyses and maps of future climate evolution.
  • Development of climate hazard maps
  • Development of vulnerability analysis maps
  • Development of risk analysis maps
  • Regional vulnerability analysis
  • Inclusion of strategic objectives, strategic actions/adaptation measures from the regional analysis
  • Economic analysis and other parameters, such as associated benefits, of the 92 adaptation measures
  • Development of a monitoring and evaluation system for the NAP.
  • Planning of a total of 13 workshops for socialization and construction of the NAP with key stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors.
  • Analysis of available financing options for the implementation of the measures.
  • Accompaniment in the NAP public consultation process.

Click here (Spanish) for more information.

Climate change and circular economy

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Dissemination of the measures adopted
NAP monitoring and evaluation system
National Adaptation Plan
Support in the public consultation process