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Overseeing and providing advisory services for operating the wastewater treatment infrastructure of Galicia


Overseeing, monitoring and providing advisory services to operate the 152 wastewater treatment plants (WWTS), with a capacity to provide basic public sewerage and wastewater treatment services to 3,300,000 equivalent inhabitants.

The work has also included preparing diagnostic reports on the facilities; estimating costs and economic monitoring of spending; sampling and analytical work, along with controlling the discharges of the WWTSs

Our work helps to ensure compliance with the strict standards imposed by European legislation for this type of public services.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

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El acompañamiento durante la explotación a los sistemas de agua permite verificar el cumplimiento de los objetivos y retroalimentar el proceso de diseño

Augas de Galicia

Control & Assessment on the Exploitation

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