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Regional Logistic Plan of the Coffee Region


Within the framework of the National Logistics Policy, the Colombian National Government has presented the strategic axes to strengthen the Coffee Region region from a logistical point of view, identifying the priority projects and establishing a work agenda for the different entities involved.

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From the perspective of logistics, enhancing the Coffee Region region

The Colombian National Government has identified the need to formulate regional logistics plans in different areas of the country, including the Coffee Region. For each of the zones, a set of productive bets was prioritized, which were the main focus of the analysis in the logistics plans. It should be noted that the production areas to be promoted have been selected based on criteria such as the complexity of the sector, the revealed comparative advantage of the Department in the sector, the participation of the sector in the exports of the Department and the area, as well as its national and international potential.

IDOM has collaborated in the characterization of the area and the identification of best practices in logistics that can be applied in the region and the selected productive sectors. Examples of these types of actions have been the development of technological services for the first sections of the logistics chains, from the production areas to the selection plants, or the structuring of an Agro-Park in the areas of greatest production.


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National Planning Department of Colombia

Analysis of Logistics Chains & Logistics Services
Characterization of Productive Areas
Definition of the Portfolio of Public Assets
Identification of Best Practices by Sector
Roadmap for the Implementation of the Proposed Measures
Sector Diagnostics

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