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Safety studies and dose assessment


IFMIF-DONES is an irradiation facility to be built in Granada (Spain), aimed at the research and testing, by means of neutron irradiation, of the materials that will be used in the construction of the future DEMO fusion power plant.

In the scope of safety analysis, dose limits are assigned to reference accident scenarios, determining the need of generating relevant data on accident analysis and assessing the radiologic risk.

IDOM performed a review and update of the particle accelerator Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), taking into account all systems and failure modes. A second phase consisted in the development of event trees for probabilistic analysis from data arising from the FMEA data and reliability databases for similar components in other particle accelerators. In the deterministic part, different models have been developed using the MELCOR accident analysis software to analyze vacuum loss accidents in the beam tube, with mobilization of radioactive contamination, as well as hydrogen leakages in process lines and in the accelerator ion source.

Other studies were performed to assess the occupational exposure of IFMIF-DONES workers.

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Safety Analysis