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TETRA network in Galicia


The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through Red.es and in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, has promoted the deployment of the Emergency and Security Network of Galicia with TETRA technology, which has meant the installation of 75 stations base with 140 carriers and redundant switching node. IDOM has carried out project management, supervision of the execution and definition of the operation and maintenance procedures of the network operator, as well as coordination with the user entities of the design and adaptation of the subsystem configuration.

Galicia already has a new emergency and security network that allows communication between managers and operatives of the different entities, to coordinate and manage emergency situations. This replaces the old corporate communications system of the Xunta de Galicia, based on analog trunking technology, which had become obsolete.

IDOM has carried out the tasks of project management and supervision of the execution of works. Additionally, IDOM has coordinated the implementation of the TETRA system in the three main user entities, designing and adapting the configuration of the different subsystems to the communications operations of each organization.


  • 75 base stations with 140 carriers, plus 1 transportable base station with 2 carriers
  • Geographical redundancy: 2 switching and control nodes
  • Network sized for 8,000 users
  • Pioneer network in the implementation of TEDS (improved data TETRA)


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Project Management
Supervision of Installation Works

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