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Steel-Optimus Steel
Casting and rolling revamping, and New bar outlet


In 2020, OPTIMUS STEEL commenced a process to modernize its facilities in Beaumont, Texas, with the aim of updating its steel mill and rolling mill. This project is expected to end in 2021.

The planned actions include the replacement of the existing billet casting with a new 5-line casting (SMS) production line, the implementation of a fast cutting machine (Danieli) at the entrance to Stelmore, the implementation of a new carousel of coil cooling (Sund Birsta), as well as the implementation of a new bar outlet facility (Danieli).

Most of these actions will take place within the existing facilities (brownfield), with production activity maintaining its normal pace. To optimize the design and to avoid interferences and possible problems during execution, IDOM has developed the detailed engineering based on new technologies that bring engineering closer to the plant, such as 3D scanning of existing facilities, 360º photometry of the facilities, interactive videoconferences…

IDOM is carrying out the detailed engineering of the different projects, as well as providing technical support to OPTIMUS for procurement management and general management. In summary, the scope of the services provided by IDOM includes:

  • Detailed engineering for the Revamping of the Casting
  • Detailed engineering for the installation of the new High-Speed Shear Machine and the new Coil Handling System
  • Detailed engineering for the New Bar Outlet
  • Civil, structural, and utilities detailed engineering (cooling water, compressed air, gases, hydraulic, lubrication, grease, electrical supplies, automation…) of the previous facilities.
  • Preparation of purchase requisitions for the different packages, review of proposals and tabulation of the same.
  • Conceptual study of the Scrap Yard remodeling.

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Conceptual Study
Detailed Engineering
Process Consultancy

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