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Strategic Plan for Border Crossings


The Strategic Plan for the Development and Modernization of Border Crossings, developed by IDOM for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, establishes the bi-national integrated control systems, improvement programs, institutional system and regulations required and their corresponding financing proposal.

A fundamental part of international transport logistics

In Peru, there are twenty-seven official border crossings, fourteen of them have the highest number of operations. According to a previous study of the national government, it has been found that not all border crossings are grouped, that is, performing controls in a single enclosure, but there are several where controls are carried out, dispersed in different enclosures, sometimes at a distance.

These border crossings are located at the ends of the three main highway corridors in Peru: Panamericana, Sierra, and Antigua Marginal; on the border of rivers; and on Lake Titicaca. Border crossings are, therefore, an essential part of international transport logistics.

IDOM has assiated the national authorities in the characterization of each of them, identifying the improvements required in different areas: infrastructure, information systems and processes. Likewise, the bases for the creation of a National Authority were established in order to implement the Roadmap defined for the modernization of Border Crossings.


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