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Support for the sustainable development of Ambergris Caye

Central America

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, IDOM undertook a comprehensive project in Ambergris Caye to enhance the island’s coastal sector and improve the quality of life for its residents.

The project consisted of the development of multi-sectoral diagnostic assessments, a natural hazard vulnerability study, a prospective analysis of the urban footprint and demographics, an estimate of the island’s current and future carrying capacity, a short, medium and long term action plan, a financial plan, a zoning plan, and the preparation of a feasibility design for a priority project with the primary objective of strengthening the coastal sector of Ambergris Caye in terms of road, hotel and tourism infrastructure, thereby improving the island’s economy and the quality of life of its current residents.

In addition, environmental impact studies have been conducted and natural resource management strategies have been developed to ensure the protection of the island’s coastal environment and biodiversity. All this to ensure a balanced and sustainable development that will benefit both the current population and future generations.

City & Territory : Economic and Regional Development

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