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Territorial analysis of Mexico City new airport surroundings


The new international airport in Mexico City, a world-class infrastructure, will be located in an area with great potential for development, where more than 4 million inhabitants live. Currently, this area lacks important urban amenities, existing services and mobility networks aren’t totally articulated, and environmental, urban and social integration with the rest of the Metropolitan Area has a deficit.

Pointed toward the local, regional and country competitiveness

The Authorities in Mexico have entrusted IDOM to propose a strategy to promote an inclusive and sustainable transformation of the area, making it transverse to the different territorial levels and pointed toward the local, regional and country competitiveness.

IDOM has developed a “Comprehensive Strategy for Regional and Urban Development”, in which arises a consistent process of transformation with socio-economic vocation of each one of the municipalities that make up the area, including urban renewal and environmental recovery, and improving local livability.

The strategy aims to make each of the existing urban areas in a economic growth engine and a local employment center, as well as a cultural, educational and health pole. In short, IDOM has presented a strategy which is a great opportunity to invest on the potential of the East Zone of Mexico Valley.

Urban renewal & Smart growth

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Ministry of Agrarian Development
Territorial & Urban

Comprehensive Strategy for Regional and Urban Development

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