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Territorial management plan for Navarino Island


The Sustainable Territorial Management Plan for the Island of Navarino and its coastal boundary has been developed by IDOM. This plan is part of a strategy by the Ministry of National Assets of Chile to create a navigational chart in the southernmost populated territory in the world (excluding Antarctica), which has a special national and international importance. It also has geopolitical, tourist, industrial, cultural, ecological and social importance. In this sense, the project sought to guide public decisions on the administration and management of the island’s fiscal assets for the next 10 years. The aim is to have a tool that will define the strategic guidelines necessary for sustainable and integrated development in its various dimensions. Therefore, this plan promotes a harmonious, coherent and sustainable territorial development, recognizing the potential for use, the environmental and cultural value and the socio-territorial needs of the population.

In this sense, the Territorial Development and Management Plan had the following products:

  1. General zoning of the Island of Navarino, definition of macro-zones, technical sheets, and identification of areas of interest for intervention.
  2. Construction of the target image, realization of a vision and scenario of balanced territorial development.
  3. Development strategy based on 8 strategic axes and 33 lines of action.
  4. Economic evaluation of the prioritized portfolio and preparation of rural and urban property files.
  5. Plan management model, including its conception, structure, implementation, and dissemination.

Finally, this navigation chart has made it possible to structure the disposition of fiscal land to meet the current and future demands and needs of the population. It is also a starting point for future public-private efforts, the implementation of public policies and the integral development of the island, the most southerly populated territory in the world.

City & Territory : Economic and Regional Development

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