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Transport diagnosis


IDOM has developed a diagnosis study of transport and exwork purchases with the objective of defining and implementing a new integrated transport model that would take advantage of the volume of the entire supply chain. The action plan focused on reducing transport costs applying the improvement measures identified during the project.

Optimizing the resources of the logistics chain

The activities developed throughout the project included:

  • Analysis of transport processes from collection points to logistics platforms
  • Analysis of transport processes from logistics platforms to delivery points
  • Analysis of the systems used for transport management
  • Quick wins Identification
  • Identification of improvement lines
  • Definition of an action plan

Throughout this project, lines of action have been identified to improve the logistics efficiency in the field of transport, which usually represents 70% of the total logistics cost. The improvements identified were structured in the following areas:

  • Definition of the optimal type of vehicle by flow
  • Reverse Logistics Optimization
  • Improvement in the use of resources
  • Definition of new work procedures
  • Determination of a new tariff structure

Supply Chain

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Eroski Group

Identification of Quick Wins
Improvement of Logistics and Transport Processes
Operations Innovation
Optimization of Operations and Resources
Reduction of Logistics Costs
Strategic Logistics Plans

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