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Wave Energy Converter Prototype – MARMOK A-5

The MARMOK-A-5 is a prototype of a low power wave energy converter (WEC). It is a floating device, based on Oscillating Water Column technology, with two 15-kW turbines. The prototype – the result of public pre-commercial procurement by the EVE (Basque Energy Agency – has a length of 42m (36m draft and 6m freeboard), is 5m in diameter, with a displacement of 162Tm. It was installed on the BiMEP marine energy platform, the first WEC connected to the Spanish state electricity grid, and one of the first devices connected in the world.

MARMOK-A-5 has successfully weathered three winters in the open waters of the Bay of Biscay, the first WEC wave converter connected to the Spanish grid and one of the first in the world

With this prototype, IDOM has successfully achieved all the planned objectives. Firstly, demonstrate that it could withstand three winters, operating in the open waters of the Atlantic (2016-2019), on occasions overcoming waves of up to 14m. Secondly, it has provided an enormous amount of data and valuable experience to IDOM during all the phases of its life cycle: modelling, design, certification, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance and removal.

In addition, the MARMOK-A-5 has served as a test platform for the Horizon 2020 OPERA project, where innovations of several European companies and institutions have been tested: turbines, control algorithms, mooring systems, which could reduce the cost of generating energy by more than 50%.

Building on this experience, IDOM will continue with its technological development, working towards a commercial-sized WEC that will produce electricity at a competitive price.

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MARMOK-A-5 has successfully overcome three winters in the open waters of the Bay of Biscay, is the first WEC connected to the network in the Spanish state, and one of the first in the world.

Basque Energy Agency (EVE)