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Most ports are infrastructure with a long history, situated in strategic locations, from the perspective of maritime, river and land traffic and their interconnection. Port infrastructures are important generators and facilitators of economic activity, serving as a point of entry, exit for the shipment of goods or movement of travelers. To maintain and enhance the commercial and service capacity of the ports, it is necessary to continually upgrade the infrastructure and its management.

Innovation Technical Office of the Port Authority Bay of Algeciras

As part of the Technical Office of Innovation of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA), it is intended to transform...

United Arab Emirates
Port Community System in Abu Dhabi

The competitiveness of foreign trade is vitally important for Abu Dhabi, given the Emirate’s strategy to diversify the economic beyond oil. Therefore, Abu...


Climate risk & Ports: A Practical Guide on Strengthening Resilience

October 15, 2021

Climate risk & Ports: A Practical Guide on Strengthening Resilience

Produced in collaboration with IDOM for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the publication is a guide to assess the resilience and impact of climate change...

EU CarEsmatic project

April 18, 2018

EU CarEsmatic project

The Port of Barcelona is promoting logistics and shipping of electric vehicles through its participation the EU CarEsmatic Project, an initiative with the aim of...