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    Cruces Hospital

    CLIENT: Osakidetza

    SERVICES: Design development drawings, Construction documents, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2012

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The purpose of the General Services building is to hold the laboratories of the Cruces Hospital, the biggest medical centre in the Basque Country. Areas such as haematology, the robotic laboratory, immunology, microbiology, anatomical pathology, genetics and research, are located here together with other related services like the morgue or the blood collection lab. The program is distributed over seven floors, two of which are garage levels. On the first floor, the continuation of an aerial pedestrian communication core, called “human pipeline”, connects internal employee circulation with the rest of buildings of the hospital centre. The floors were designed as open as possible, with great spans between columns, which would allow for flexible future changes. The layout is configured around a fishbone central axis which includes both vertical and horizontal communications and building services shafts. The latter can easily be accessed from all floors and were designed with ample extra space. The fishbone layout minimizes distances for people out of common areas and allows for the route taken by the building services to be shorter which in turn makes it easier to carry out possible program redistributions. The building was erected on the last free plot in the centre, attached to an existing building and serving as a divider between the hospital and the Milagrosa suburb. The mainly elongated plot – 84 m long by 15 m wide at one end and 26 at the other – covers a 13 m slope. Due to its location next to the motorway that passes by at a lower level, the building takes on a predominant role and it acquires a great importance within its surroundings. The main north and south façades, predominantly white and of an abstract character, intend to evoke the image of a proteins map, as a reflection of the activity that the building holds.

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