• IDOM

  • Dismantling of Boilers in Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

    CLIENT: Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV)

    SERVICES: Detailed engineering and construction works management.

    YEAR: 2011-2012

    COUNTRY: Spain

    Auxiliary Boilers are part of the original construction project of Ascó 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and have provided auxiliary steam to the systems for which they had been conceived, until becoming obsolete and their use discontinued. Hence, the need for dismantling such installations. IDOM carried out the development tasks of the detailed engineering and construction works management for the dismantling of the aforementioned boilers.

    The auxiliary steam generator system of Ascó NPP consisted of numerous electrical, mechanical, civil and control systems including two Foster Wheeler boilers, principal steam reducing station, fuel tanks, pumps, piping, concrete auxiliary building, underground pipes and electric tubes, fire protection systems and rainwater network.
    The scope of the project performed by IDOM comprised the disassembly of metallic structures, electromechanical and electrical equipment as well as the demolition of architectonic structures and works. In addition, IDOM was responsible for the selection and disposal of toxic and hazardous waste in compliance with current regulations and managed the recovery of material for its subsequent recycling or reutilization. Finally, the segregation of medium and low level radiological waste was carried out according to the current legislation by conducting radiological controls of the materials generated in the demolition and dismantling.


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