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    IDOM office Madrid


    SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2010

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The initial aspiration of the assignment was simple: to erect a build-ing to house IDOM’s activity which would represent it at the same time that it served as a calling card for its clients. It was to offer the possibility of explaining, from its physical head office, its culture and working processes.Owing to IDOM’s particular culture, we had to discard any attempt which stemmed linked to media, the short-term, rapid acknowl-edgement or emotional representativeness. We considered achieving true environmental comfort, measurable, credible, real, not only conditioned by its tectonic, representative or spatial values; generating a work setting with a more domestic character, porous, ventilated, natural, agreeable. Something closer to the working conditions of a home than those traditional ones of the tertiary bubble.


    • 2013 - Finalist. Sustainable Energy Europe Awards

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN