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    Stations. Santiago de Chile underground

    CLIENT: Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro S.A.

    SERVICES: Preliminary design, Implementation project, Technical assistance, Urban project, Redevelopment project

    YEAR: Ongoing

    COUNTRY: Chile

    The project for the new Line 6 underground station is based on two main ideas linked together: Open Station and Metro Parque. Half the stations are located in parks and pre-existing urban plazas whilst the other half have locations with potential, as a result of expropriations, which will be transformed into public areas and returned to the community in the form of new squares. Line 6 will therefore become a network connecting green areas and public spaces (Metro Parque Network) in the city of Santiago. The new concept of a more city-exposed underground, along with the stations being in green areas, brought about the transformation of the traditional access aedicula into a pavilion open to the plaza or park in which it is inserted. The station is left completely revealed through this pavilion, allowing visual connections with the outside, natural lighting and ventilation of the inside and favouring the orientation of the users and the identification of the stations, contributing a new identity and relationship with the urban surroundings.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN