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      Power Plant and Services Building at Cordoba Airport


      SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects, Construction stage technical input

      YEAR: 2003-2005

      COUNTRY: Spain

      The Master Plan for the airport of Cordoba proposed starting the extension works with a new power plant and an administrative building that would guarantee the correct functioning of the premises during the building works of the new runway and the new Terminal Building.

      The airport’s small size made it possible to maintain its organization, which is structured around an elliptic plaza with abundant lush vegetation. The chosen locations in the Master Plan for these two first buildings called for the possibility of linking all the buildings and their auxiliary elements in order to create a tiered backdrop, which would be completed by the future terminal.

      The entrances to the administrative building, the flying school and the cafeteria are situated in the centre of the plot, around a courtyard, which creates a bright background which contrasts with the shadow cast by the entrance canopy. From the main vestibule, located on the East corner, it’s not only possible to control the access to the inside of the building, but also to the airside during the night. The classrooms constitute a self-standing body, with access from the common courtyard. Its three classrooms look eastwards and are protected from the sun by setbacks.

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